Date Download Size Verification Description
2014/03/17 259.18 MB [MD5] [SHA1] [SHA256] [SHA512] All modules are included


  • Add Xlight FTP Server (#30)
  • Add Swedish language (#28)
  • Create Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime libraries package (#27)
  • Add Sublime Text app to display debug infos (#26)
  • Add debug settings in MySQL and MariaDB menu (#25)
  • If ‘port X already used’ error occurred, display the process using this port (#20)
  • Create patches (#18)
  • Review services launch process and increase pending timeout to 10 seconds
  • Edit some gitignore
  • Add clear temp folder item (right menu)
  • Move VBS and Batch processes
  • Review loader
  • Review switch online/offline
  • Add batch and vbs logs files (neard-batch.log and neard-vbs.log)