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Neard offers several versions of the various binaries, applications and tools for download :

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Apache, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, Git, Adminer, Perl, Python, etc.


Use a file archiver that supports 7z format like 7zip and extract the archive where you want.

It is highly recommended that the path to Neard does not contains any whitespaces. This can cause problem on some modules.


Before starting Neard, edit the configuration file neard.conf :

  • lang - Language (see neard\core\langs folder for a complete list). Default : english
  • timezone - The default timezone used by all date/time functions. Default : "Europe/Paris"
  • notepad - The editor while opening files. Default : "notepad.exe"
  • logsVerbose - Control the log output verbose (0=simple, 1=report, 2=debug, 3=trace). Default : 0
  • scriptsTimeout - The default timeout when VBS/Batch are executed. May vary depending on your system. Default : 120


Launch neard.exe.


All instructions to upgrade from a previous release are added in the Upgrade notes page.